​行  雲  流  墨

To drift like clouds and flow like ink.


現代水墨画家 河合愼平

Contemporary ink artist




創作の根底にあるのは旅の記憶。バックパッカーとして世界を放浪する中で、様々な文化や価値観に触れて実感した “変わる事と変わらない事”の中道的重要性を、水墨画の特性を用いて伝える。


約1年かけて行った水墨画世界一周プロジェクト「World flow drawing」(※行く先々の国や地域の路上で、水墨画パフォーマンス行いながら旅をするプロジェクト)や、国内イベントでの水墨画パフォーマンスや作品展示を精力的に行い、水墨画文化の啓蒙活動にも力を入れている。

Born in 1987. Raised in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture.

Under the theme of “To drift like clouds and flow like ink.” I pursues various expressions of ink painting while using the classical techniques and aesthetics of ink painting as the keynote. The basis of the creation is the memory of the trip. It is the antinomy importance of "variable and immutable" that I realized by touching various cultures and values ​​while wandering around the world as a backpacker.

The characteristics of Japanese rice paper that specializes in acceptance are regarded as [self], and the characteristics of ink painting that uses bleeding and rubbing are regarded as [world], and "regularity and contingency" and "predictability and deviantness" are expressed.

"World flow drawing", a project to go around the world with ink painting that took about a year (* A project to travel while performing ink painting performance on the streets of future countries and regions),
I also focus on enlightening the culture of ink painting by performing ink painting performances at events in Japan and energetically exhibiting works.

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